Dance Film

"ARENA DANCES 25th Anniversary Dance Film"

    Choreography: Mathew Janczewski and dancers

    Videography: Cully Gallagher and TJ Tronson of Flywheel Media Productions

    Dancers: Tori Casagranda, Joe Crook, Non Edwards, Dustin Haug, Doug Hooker, Camille Horstman, Jose A. Luis, Sarah McCullough, and Leslie O'Neill


"The No Shows"

    Concept by Jana Meszaros

    Co-choreographed and danced by Jana Meszaros & Doug Hooker

    Read by Patrick Newson

    Filmed by Virginia Broyles

"Skin" (2010)

    Concept by Mara Bateman

    Choreographed and Filmed by Mara Bateman

    Danced by Emily Bauman & Doug Hooker




Music Videos

"She's Just Rock N' Roll"

    Music: Constantine Maroulis

    Choreography: Regina Peluso

    Film: Patrick Jeffrey

    Dancers: Rennee Guittar, Jarod Boltjes, Rush Benson, Rebecca Abroe, Betsy Nelson, Miranda Shaughnessy, Doug Hooker, Chelsea Rose

Social Media

DPC: Up To Speed

    Concept by Doug Hooker for the promotion of Dancing People Company

    Co-filmed by the company memebers of DPC